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Discover the challenges and opportunities coming in 2022. Solvency II review: a good start but do the changes go far enough?

Do Solvency II changes go far enough?

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The last issue of The Insurance Investment Management Insights for 2021 has just been published, keeping you in the know about the latest developments affecting the insurance industry.

In this issue, Elizabeth Gillam, Head of EU Government Relations and Public Policy, examines the Solvency II review and asks whether the changes go far enough. Charles Moussier, Head of EMEA Insurance Investment Solutions, also looks at what this means for insurers in a market where yields are back to pre‐COVID‐19 levels across Europe.


Solvency II – a good start

The regulatory update we’ve all been waiting for has finally been unveiled by the European Commission. Among the aims of the review was improving risk‐sensitivity and providing incentives for insurers to contribute to long‐term sustainable financing of the economy.

These proposals have wide-ranging implications for insurers, and divergence lies ahead as the UK review gets underway.

The benefits of keeping active

As we keep a close eye on the Omicron variant and how it might threaten progress, we highlight why we believe that being active and diversified could help insurers reach their yield and solvency targets.

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Charles Moussier, Head of EMEA Insurance Client Solutions

Elizabeth Gillam, Head of EU Government Relations and Public Policy

Contact: Richard Glenn, Head of EMEA Insurance Distribution

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